Premium Weather Stripping

At Denarco, we’re very proud of our Sure Seal Premium Weather Stripping.  Unlike most open cell weather stripping that you find at the hardware store, our tape actually SEALS, both air and water when compshutterstock_258759539_smallerressed to 50% or less of it’s original thickness.  Our adhesive is very strong, but still easy to work with.  And our tape is more resilient, and holds up better to wear and tear.  Click here for a testimonial!

Like all Sure Seal products, our Premium Weather Stripping is comprised of an open-cell polyurethane foam that is impregnated with a proprietary formula.  This process enables Sure Seal to combine the best characteristics of open-cell (compressibility and expandibility) and closed-cell (enhanced sealing characteristics) foams.  You can’t overcompress it!  It takes almost no compression set, and yet still seals like a rubber gasket.

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Our Premium Weather Stripping comes in varying thicknesses and widths.  To choose an appropriate size, you should estimate the maximum gap to be sealed, then double that.  That is the thickness of tape you should buy.  The width depends on the joint to be sealed.  Just remember, 1/2″ width of Sure Seal will seal a joint just as effectively as 3″, so don’t overdo the width.

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         1/2″ Thick              3/4″ Thick                1″ Thick

If you don’t see a size in our online store that matches your need, feel free to call our office to discuss custom sizes.

And don’t expect fancy packaging!  We keep our packaging costs down so that we can pass on competitive pricing to you.

So try out our Sure Seal Premium Weather Stripping.  We guarantee it’ll be the best weather stripping you’ve ever used!

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