Sill Seal

Sill Seal – The perfect application for SureSeal

Ease of use and effectiveness of seal make the difference

If you’ve made it to this page, it’s because you know something’s not right with most sill seal products. While most products are relatively easy to use and provide an adequate capillary break, the SEAL part of the equation is severely lacking. The interface of the irregular surfaces of the sill plate and the foundation results in a very irregular gap that is also subject to a significant amount of expansion and contraction over time, and this variance of the gap isn’t addressed by the typical sill seal foam in use today. They may stop the migration of water VERTICALLY, but they don’t stop the water or air that can infiltrate that gap HORIZONTALLY.

If only there was a product that could fill that gap completely, and expand and contract with it, all while maintaining a seal.

That product DOES EXIST, and you’ve found it.

Most standard sill seal products on the market rely on a thin sheet of foam, much like a bubble wrap packing material, to fill the gap. But like bubble wrap, when existing sill seal foam is compressed too far, the bubbles POP! And once that happens, the seal is lost. In addition, if the gap becomes larger due to expansion and contraction, existing sill seal products will not expand to fill the gap. And once again, the seal is lost.

SureSeal, however, relies on entirely different properties to seal the gap. SureSeal relies on it’s ability to expand and contract, with the individual cells in the foam re-forming themselves to maintain a consistent seal.

In addition, SureSeal comes with an aggressive adhesive backing that will adhere to either the foundation or the sill plate. Just peel and stick, it couldn’t be easier. No more having to hold sill tape in place.

At Denarco, we believe that SureSeal truly is the Holy Grail in sill seal foam tape. Congratulations on discovering it…try it and we promise you’ll love it.

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Denarco SureSeal Sill Seal Tape is available in 2 thicknesses (1/4″ and 1/2″) and 4 widths (3.5″, 5.5″, 7.5″ and 9.5″).

Our 1/4″ product is the perfect combination of value and performance in a sill seal tape. It allows you to keep your cost down, while still addressing the majority of leakage between a typical foundation and sill plate.

Our 1/2″ premium product is for our more performance minded customers. It will seal virtually all gaps, even if the joint between sill and foundation is quite variable in width.

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