Sure Seal Joist Isolation Tape

Joist Isolation Tape – Sure Seal will silence those creaks and pops!

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Sure Seal Joist Isolation Tape is a component used in a flooring assemblies to help prevent squeaky floors and dampen foot traffic. Used in both commercial and residential buildings, Sure Seal creates an airtight seal, improving energy efficiency.

For best results, Sure Seal Joist Isolation Tape can be used with acoustical underlayments and other construction materials to effectively construct soundproof assemblies. However, Sure Seal Joist Isolation Tape alone will make a significant improvement in the creakiness and sound of footfalls on your floor, whether hardwood, laminate, or tile.

Installing Sure Seal Joist Isolation Tape is a snap.  Simply roll it out on the top of the joist, with the adhesive side down.  Our adhesive will firmly stick to the joist and won’t dislodge during subfloor installation.  No tools needed!  Our tape can be trimmed using a pair of scissors or a utility knife. And it won’t wind up on screws when the subfloor is installed.


  • Easy and quick installation
  • Eliminates squeaky floors
  • Reduces impact noise
  • Improves energy efficiency

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