Weather Strip Testimonial

November 30, 2016


Dear Mr. Harr,
I’d like to thank the people at Denarco, Inc. for making such a great product with your 1/2” weather stripping.

Our home has 30-year-old Andersen casement windows and the years and weather have taken their toll. The gaskets have deteriorated so badly there was no longer any seal on most of them, and the drafts were unbearable. In the past, we tried various over the counter products that came off almost immediately and were not worth the money paid.

I did a web search and found your company. I thought the weather seal was for new construction, but reread the specs and decided to try it. It was a little tricky because of the casements, but my husband and I were able to complete all 21 windows, over 2-days in about 8 hours. The adhesive really kept the product in place making it easy to do the installation! It really was so simple.

I knew almost immediately that the product was a success, not because the drafts were gone (the days were warm), but it was quiet. We could no longer hear the traffic on the street.

We will be getting new windows, but it isn’t in the budget now. With the Denarco weather stripping we may be able to stretch the life of our Andersen’s further than we had hoped.

I would not hesitate to provide an endorsement or recommendation. Thank you again for your assistance, support, and terrific product.

Very truly yours,

Sue Hill

Glen Rock, NJ